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Stay organized

Always on the go? No problem. Keep your pre-rolls ready without compromising on freshness

Travel discreetly

Unite style and functionality with a lightweight design that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings

Secure your stash

Bouncing about the city or partying hard, this crushproof and waterproof joint case is a safe bet

King Pack

King Pack is elevating the smoking experience with a premium pre-roll case that's perfect for every persona. Built to maintain quality, preserve freshness and hold three king-sized joints at a time, it doubles as a travel joint holder with ease. And at only a couple of ounces, you'll enjoy the lightweight convenience.

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king pack preroll r12 purple front and back view
king pack small sized side bag showing pre roll cases
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king pack closed kit with preroll holders
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King Pack

Make King Pack reflect your brand - whether you want to stock them for wholesale distribution, sell them custom branded in your dispensary or smoke shop, or hand them out as event favors to remind user of your brand every time they reach for a joint. Reach out to us for more details.

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Great Product

The quality of this product is very good! The sleek design makes it easy to throw in my pocket with my phone and take out for the night. Doesn’t take up too much additional space and keeps products from not being crushed. Big conversation starter too! Would def recommend for anyone who smokes outside of home


Love it!

I absolutely love it! Can hold clips without smelling like your smoking.


THIS CASE IS PERFECT! Couldn’t love it more

The case I have needed all my life, it is the perfect size, nice and slim, 3 separate compartments, easy to open, fits great in pocket. My Raw 98 special cones fit just perfectly inside too. I ordered a second one and there will be one with me everywhere I go from now on.


Sleek & Stylish

I absolutely love this case! It's not only sleek and stylish but also incredibly durable. The fun purple color is stunning, and it's such a joy to carry around. It keeps everything safe and secure while adding a touch of fun to my day. 10/10 recommend.


Very High Quality & Functional Product for a Great Price

Wow, I am super impressed with this product. I was expecting something useful, but the aesthetic and function far surpassed my expectations. I went with the black version because it's sleek and discreet. The matte outside makes it nice to the touch and easy to grip. This is great for more active people who will be taking it on the go. Overall, I'm loving it. It's large enough to fit 3 items inside and small enough to fit in my pocket or neatly tuck into my bag. I also can't smell anything when it's closed, so I don't stink if I'm carrying it around town or more public areas.


So legit. Love my king pack!

Ordered the white one. Super sleek and the matte finish is nice. Very sturdy and fits easily in my pocket. Comes just as advertised and does a good job of masking the smell. Holds 3 beauties. Would recommend to anyone!



These are the three tenets that drive King Pack

Our portable and design-forward pre-roll case stores three king-size joints at a time, for the unmatchable ease of lighting up afresh. Because we believe that intentional carry benefits more than just the product, it creates a better experience.